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  • Aramex User Terms and Conditions

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  • Where can I find Aramex South Africa stations?

    Please see below for a list of Aramex South Africa station (branch) locations or visit our Office Locater page for a detailed list including addresses and contact numbers:

    - Pretoria
    - Johannesburg
    - Polokwane
    - Rustenburg
    - Nelspruit
    - Vaal Triangle
    - Bloemfontein
    - Kimberley
    - Cape Town
    - George
    - Port Elizabeth
    - East London
    - Durban
    - Pietermaritzburg
    - Stellenbosch
    - Richards Bay

  • Do you supply packaging?

    We supply a specialised plastic flyer bag for all your courier related items, as well as a cardboard envelope for your international documents. These elements are supplied free of charge. We also supply generic and customised packaging solutions to suit your specific needs.

  • What are Aramex South Africa’s standard delivery times?

    Depending on the service you select, Aramex South Africa will deliver within the following time frames:

    Same Day Express: Delivery is effected within 90 minutes of the flight's arrival at its destination. Due to limited flight availability, it is strongly recommended that arrangements are made as early as possible by contacting your nearest Aramex South Africa station. In the case of intra-city deliveries, delivery is effected within 90 minutes of collection.

    Dawn Express: Early morning delivery by 09h00, or by the time specified on the waybill.

    Overnight Express: Delivery the following working day by 10h30, to main centres

    Express Road: Delivery is achieved within 24-48 hours to main centres, depending on the destination.

    Economy Freight: Delivery is achieved within 48 -72 hours to main centres, depending on the destination.

    Secondary Centre: Delivery is achieved within 1 - 3 working days, depending on the destination.

  • What is classed as an Outlying Area or Secondary Centre?

    Any destination outside of a 50 km radius from one of our stations (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Kimberley, Stellenbosch, George, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Nelspruit, Vaal, Richards Bay, Rustenburg and Polokwane).

    Should you have a query as to whether a particular location is a Main Centre or a Secondary Centre please contact your nearest Aramex South Africa station for a route guide.

  • When is a delivery or collection classified as "After-Hours"?

    A delivery or collection is classified as being after-hours if it is affected between 17h30 and 07h30 on working days or over weekends between 13h00 on Saturday and 07h30 on Monday morning. Deliveries on a Public Holiday are also regarded as an after-hours service.

    An after-hours delivery will attract an After-Hours Surcharge.

  • Will Aramex South Africa deliver on weekends?

    We operate 24-hours across the country and can deliver your parcels whenever you require. Weekend and Public Holiday services can be arranged with your nearest Aramex South Africa station, at an additional cost. We also offer special trip services to remote and regional areas.

  • What is the basis for determining the price I will pay for a given consignment?

    In order to determine the price you will pay for a given consignment, your rates will be applied to what is known as the chargeable mass. Quite simply, the chargeable mass is the greater of the actual mass and the volumetric mass. The actual mass is the weight of the consignment (expressed in kg's) and the volumetric mass is the space that a consignment takes up (expressed in kg's).

    Volumetric mass is calculated as follows: Length (cm) x Breadth (cm) x Height (cm) divided by a volumetric factor which is dependent on the type of service used.

  • Can I insure my parcel?

    Every waybill is automatically insured for an amount of R3000.00 per waybill at no additional cost to you. Should the insured value of your consignment exceed R3000.00, the cost of insurance would be 1.25 % of the insured value, over the initial R3000.00. Due to the risk nature of certain categories of goods, some goods cannot be insured at all and are therefore excluded from the automatic free cover.  Standard terms and conditions of carriage apply. For a detailed list of exclusions please contact your nearest Aramex South Africa station.

  • Can I send a parcel even if I don’t have an account with Aramex South Africa?

    Yes. You can contact any of the Aramex South Africa stations in your area to arrange for collection and payment of your shipment. You can also pop into a Pick n Pay store near you or selected Freshstop stores and make use of our Drop Box service – your parcel will be delivered using an Overnight service to all main centres around the country.

  • Does Aramex South Africa deliver shipments internationally?

    Yes. We have in excess of 330 Aramex stations worldwide and can arrange collections and deliveries across the globe.

  • What is the difference between an international document and an international parcel?

    International documents: These are loose documents, which have no saleable or commercial value. This includes banking and shipping documents, reports, plans, tenders, quotations and general business correspondence. Delivery is achieved within 1-6 days depending on destination.

    International parcels: These are dutiable or commercial value commodities that do not qualify as documents. This includes samples, spares, magnetic tapes and other non-document commodities. An additional transit time of 1-2 days may apply due to customs clearance procedures at destination.

  • What documentation is required for international shipments?

    Non-documents are defined as anything other than documents, e.g. books, x-rays, software, computer disks, videos, spares, swatches, sample clothing, documents with photographs, etc.

    All non-documents require a Commercial invoice to be sent with the shipment.

    The Commercial Invoice should furnish the following information:

    • Name of shipper
    • Full address
    • Telephone and fax number
    • VAT registration number
    • Full address of recipient
    • Telephone and fax numbers
    • Contact name
    • Total number of separate packages in the shipment with weights and measurements (in cm's) of each
    • Full and accurate description of each item, including:
      • Unit values
      • Cost of packaging, shipping and insurance
      • Total value of shipment
      • List all identifying marks of content, including:

        - Brand names
        - Chemical composition
        - Serial/model numbers
        - Any case marking used
        - State the manufacturer and country of manufacturer
        - State the reason for export: Repair and returns; Sale; Samples
        - Terms of trade: CIF, EXW, etc

    Your invoice must include the following statement to be signed on each Copy by the responsible person: "I declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my Knowledge and that the goods are of (insert country) origin." Only an original signature will be accepted.

    Tax and Duties
    It is the consignee or receiver who is responsible for paying duties and local taxes. The consignee will be sent a set of customs clearance documents and charges. If they are a registered company they can often reclaim the local tax element of the charge. e.g. V.A.T.

    Customs Declaration
    The shipment invoice determines whether the goods are liable for duty and/or local taxes and the rate applicable. Therefore the invoice must be detailed and accurate otherwise the parcel may be delayed.

    Declared Value
    This must match the invoice value. Please note that the three letter code for the currency in which the value has been declared must also be stated e.g. USD - United States Dollar, GBP - British Pound Sterling.

    Repair / Return or Temporary
    Goods exported for short-term use at destination and, later, returned to country of origin (these shipments require specific export clearance to ensure efficient handling when re-entering the country).

    Please contact your nearest station for assistance with this type of consignment.

  • Can I send an International shipment for overnight delivery?

    Overnight deliveries to certain international destinations can be done but it is not guaranteed. This is due to customs regulations and procedures.

    Please contact your nearest Aramex South Africa station should you require further information.

  • How will I recognise an Aramex South Africa courier?

    Our couriers are always in full uniform  and carry an Aramex South Africa ID tag bearing their photograph.

  • Will Aramex South Africa collect from another company and charge it to my account?

    Yes. However, the account holder themselves must place the collection with Aramex South Africa so as to ensure your account is not used by unauthorised individuals.

  • Can Aramex South Africa deliver to a P.O. Box address?

    No. We need to deliver to a physical address and, for security reasons, a signature of acceptance is required for every delivery.

  • Can I receive invoices more frequently than once per month?

    Yes, weekly invoices are available should you prefer. In addition, we are able to provide you with official statements and invoices via our website (through a secure login).

  • Can Aramex South Africa transport live animals?

    No, we do not have the specialised resources or infrastructure to do so.

  • Need further assistance?

    Please Contact us.

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