Track Your Shipment

International Express

  • Outbound Express

    Ship urgent packages around the world through Outbound Express. Your documents or parcels will be swiftly shipped and attentively cleared through customs to arrive on time at any global destination. Each individual piece may not exceed 32kgs. 

  • Road Freight

    A cost-effective solution to and from SADC countries.

  • Remail

    Designed for customers who need to send a large number of letters, brochures or small parcels to International destinations by mail.

  • Flash Freight

    A Premium product designed for urgent shipments that need to be delivered faster than standard transit times. 

    Enjoy the following features with Aramex International Express:

    • Proof of Delivery
    • Delivery notifications
    • Customs clearance
  • Inbound Express

    With Aramex you can export and import using one account. Importing from any origin worldwide through Aramex Inbound Express is hassle free. Simply call your local Aramex office and ask for the Inbound Express pick-up.

    • Reliable door to door importing
    • Always know your import shipping rates ahead of time
    • Receive one consolidated invoice at the end of the month in your local currency
    • Track the status of your imported packages on or (changed from

    Aramex also facilitates the importing from your regular suppliers as follows:

    1. Provide your supplier with your Aramex account number and ask them to call the local Aramex office in their country and request “Inbound Express” shipping, while referencing your account number and your address.

    2. Aramex will pick up your package and deliver it to your doorstep. Aramex offers fast and effective customs clearance on your Inbound Express packages, including a wide range of non-standard export and import clearance and other handling services