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Please note that due to the risk nature of certain categories of goods, some goods cannot be insured at all and are also excluded from the automatic free cover.

In particular, it is important to note that second hand goods, cellphones and accessories and vouchers of any description cannot be insured.

The other goods that are excluded from cover are set out in detail under the heading “Exclusions

Full details of our insurance policy are available from your Customer Relationship Manager or telephonically from any of our call centres. In addition to the Exclusions, we would like to draw your attention to the following important information:

1. Excesses are levied at 3 % of the total sum insured on all general cargo, with a minimum of R100, whichever is the greater amount.

2. The maximum insured value per waybill is R 250 000. Any shipment with a value in excess of this amount must be pre- authorised, failing which the goods will only be insured to a maximum value of R250 000.

3. We do urge you to ensure that your cargo is adequately packaged to withstand the normal rigours of transportation. A great number of claims are repudiated because of inadequate packaging.

Calculation Examples

Premium calculation:

Assume general cargo valued at R27 000. Cover for the first R3 000 is funded by Aramex South Africa. Therefore the premium would be calculated as R27 000 minus R3 000, ie R24 000 x 1.25% = R300.

In the unlikely event of a claim, the following example illustrates how the settlement amount is calculated:

The excess is 3% of the total sum insured or a minimum of R100.

Settlement on the shipment above would be calculated as follows:

3% of R27 000 = R810 (which is more than the R100 minimum).

R27 000 less R810 = R26 190

Settlement is therefore R26 190.


The following goods are excluded from cover:

Alcohol, bottled wine, liquor, antiquities, antiques of any description, ammunition, arms, explosives, artwork, paintings, frames and framed commodities, bank and/or treasury notes, bonds, bullion, cash, traveller’s cheques, vouchers of any description, money, phone cards, prepaid cards, securities, specie, stamps, tickets, bulk cargo, cellular phones and accessories, bulk cargo, cellular phones and accessories, ipads, ibooks, tablets – i.e. all mobile multimedia electronic communication devices, cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products, cobalt, copper, dangerous/ hazardous goods, used and/or second hand goods, documents of any description, manuscripts, patterns, plans, deeds, designs, certificates, samples, models, moulds, flowers, fresh produce, frozen or chilled foods, fruit, gold and silver articles, watches, jewellery, precious metals and precious/semi-precious stones, hides and skins, furs, household goods and personal effects, livestock, animals of any description, motor vehicles of any description, tyres.

Limitation of Liability

Should you wish to process an insurance claim, please forward:

A written letter containing the following information:
• Debtor account number;
• Claimant;
• Sender and receiver;
• Commodity;
• Date of dispatch;
• Brief description of the events/damage/loss.

TO: The Claims Officer
Aramex South Africa(Pty) Ltd
P O Box 36904

OR: The Operations Director
3 Platinum Crescent
Platinum Park
Montague Gardens

This letter must be accompanied by a copy of the original waybill as well as proof of value, which may be any one of the following:
• Copy of invoice between sender and receiver that accompanied the consignment.
• Copy of purchase invoice.
• Copy of invoice/quotation for repair.

This information must be submitted within 7 working days of the occurrence of the incident.

Please note that an insurance claim will only be processed provided that the insurance option was requested (this for consignments with an insured value of greater than R3000.00), the waybill has been endorsed, and the value declared.

A claim may take between 4 to 6 weeks to be processed and settled.

Click here to read Disclosure Notice - Short Term Insurance.

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